Friday, 17 August 2018 15:58

The Novateca Program and National Library sign a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance Data Collection, Usage and Access

The Novateca Program and the National Library of Moldova, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to consolidate the national online system of data collection and usage benefiting the entire public library system in Moldova. The document provides a clear framework of further support efforts to collect and use data on library services, to conduct advocacy and promotional campaigns and enhance library visibility. Additionally, the National Library of Moldova becomes the national coordinator to facilitate the access to software donations in order to meet the needs of the libraries and community members.

Novateca initiated the collaboration with the National Library in 2015 on data collection, focusing on the modernization of the library statistics, analysis and usage. In addition to modernizing the library reporting system, a National Center for Statistics, Research and Development was established, data being collected online on a monthly and annual basis, and the indicators framework was adjusted to reflect the real impact libraries have on communities via services and programs they deliver in various areas such as workforce development, health, digital and media literacy, IT trainings, foreign language classes and others.

Elena Pintilei, Director of the National Library, mentioned: “Based on the adopted Law on Libraries the National Library is the national institution in charge of the entire public library system, including of collection and evaluation of data. The signing of today’s Memorandum is a natural step to continue using and developing the current systems of online data collection and facilitate the access to latest licensed software for all public libraries”.

By signing this document the National Library officially embraces the responsibility to ensure continuous use of the online systems for data collection developed by the Novateca program, annually evaluate public library impact and performance, provide open access and disseminate key library data, as well as ensure presence of licensed software to all public libraries. At the same time, the Novateca program will equip the National Library with the necessary tools for data administration and storage, and offer the necessary informational and technical support to the National Library staff.

Taken together, the parties to the MoU have established the conditions for continued development of public libraries in Moldova by using data for evaluation, management and advocacy, and ensuring official software for all Moldovan libraries into the future.

Evan Tracz, Director of Novateca Program, mentioned: “IREX, the Novateca Program and all its partners are gratified that, through our work and collaboration over the last few years, the National Library now has the tools, capacity and legal framework to continue to collect, analyze and utilize impact data from the entire Moldovan public library network to ensure its continued development and evolution.”

[About Novateca] Novateca is a five-year national program designed to facilitate the transformation of Moldovan public libraries into vibrant community institutions where citizens can benefit from free access to technology and services addressing local needs under the guidance of trained librarians and other community partners. Through the support of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in cooperation with USAID and IREX, 1080 libraries in all regions of Moldova have been equipped with modern technologies and more than 1500 librarians have been trained to meet the community needs with services and programs.


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