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2018-2019 Mainstreaming Voter Awareness Project

Project Overview
IREX is pleased to launch a new initiative, funded by the U.S. Embassy to the Republic of Moldova, aimed at informing district residents about their voting rights, the new voting system changes through the public library network, and increasing local resident involvement in the voting process by providing constituency information and access to broadcast candidate debates. ‘Mainstreaming Voter Awareness’ is a six-month project, implemented by IREX in cooperation with Independent Press Association and Electronic Press Association from Moldova.

IREX is looking for interested librarians from raion public libraries, with trainer experience, who are willing to enhance the role of their libraries as civic education promoters and regional coordinators for information distribution in election education area, by:

  • training village librarians on providing information on electoral system changes,
  • disseminating information materials in their localities,
  • as well as providing a neutral public space for discussions and candidate debate viewing.
Selected participants will receive capacity building training and materials developed by API and APEL in collaboration with IREX as part of an awareness campaign, and will help ensure that these messages and materials reach the public, train local librarians and district residents in changes to the electoral system by providing key specific information about uninominal constituencies (composition of constituency, voting locations, candidates, sources for additional information), as well as provide access to candidate debates broadcasts.

All interested librarians are invited to fill in and submit the application form by September 21, 2018. Take the lead in mainstreaming voter awareness in your district!

About IREX
IREX is an international non-governmental organization providing leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change. IREX works with partners in more than 100 countries in four areas essential to progress: cultivating leaders, empowering youth, strengthening institutions, and increasing access to quality education.

IREX has operated in Moldova since 1997, enabling local individuals and institutions to develop key elements of a vibrant society—including quality education, free access to information and technology for development, independent media, and programming on issues of youth development and gender issues—resulting in stronger local communities. Currently, IREX is administering the Novateca program in Moldova, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in cooperation with USAID, which is facilitating the transformation of the public library system to offer IT access, modern services, and opportunities for community engagement, and Comunitatea Mea program, funded by USAID, to support local governments in improving local services and fostering more inclusive local development.

Disclaimer: The project and all products developed in its framework are in no way politically affiliated, do not promote the current voting system or specific electoral candidates, are exclusively informative, and do not necessarily represent the view and opinion of the U.S. Embassy to Moldova and/or IREX.


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