Friday, 30 November 2018 16:23

Message from the Novateca Program Director, Evan Tracz

Dear Friends,

After the recent closing event in Chisinau, and seven years of rewarding work and cooperation, I am filled with emotion in saying farewell to you all, to the Novateca program, and to Moldova. This time working and living with you all--learning, exploring, and evolving together--has been a high point for me both personally and professionally.

When my family and I arrived in Chisinau seven years ago, I did not really know what to expect from the program and what impact we could achieve. Soon, though, despite all the challenges, our vague hopes for what Moldovan public libraries could become developed into a real vision, and then a set of objectives, goals, and commitments. Over the years, the IREX/Novateca team, together with you and all our partners and supporters, grew more dedicated to the idea that libraries were key institutions helping people of all ages and backgrounds find new opportunities, develop new skills, and offer new value to their communities. And as you achieved successes and positive changes, the momentum and aspirations of Novateca grew, exceeding nearly all of our program goals, and, more importantly, pushing the boundaries of how all Moldovans—librarians and users alike—think and feel about their libraries, and how they use them. It was truly a pleasure and honor to witness the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm you brought to your work, and the impact that you brought to your villages, towns and cities.

But, as with many things in life, there comes a time to ‘graduate’ from any program, and it is time for my family and me to move on. But as I mentioned at many meetings with you over the last year, the closure early next year of the Novateca program should not be considered the End. The changes made, the skills developed, the network established, the services created, the relationships cultivated, and the energy and inspiration kindled among each other and with your users and partners can and will live on and grow if you continue to focus on the spirit of the work we did together. For Novateca was not just computers, trainings, conferences and projects—it was and is, above all, an idea, a belief in the power of people and a commitment to offering people the tools, techniques, support and information to improve their lives.

I am grateful to all of you for the hospitality you showed me, the fellowship and cooperation you offered, your willingness to take risks and try new things with curiosity and confidence, and your kindness in allowing me to understand the beautiful country of Moldova through you. I am truly inspired by what you have achieved and the strong leaders you have all become, and I will bring that inspiration and Moldovan spirit with me to all I do in the future. Long live Novateca! See you at the library!

With deep respect and gratitude,



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