Professional Development

Novateca program provides professional development opportunities to Moldovan librarians across the country. Trainings are delivered at Regional Training Centers which are located within raion, city, or municipal libraries. For more details regarding upcoming professional development opportunities, please contact your local raion, city, or municipal library or the nearest Training Center.

The main trainings provided by Novateca program include:

  • Modern Library Concepts a one-day introductory module which presents the concepts of modern librarianship, models from around the world, and provides opportunities to generate discussions among librarians regarding the potential of their own libraries.
  • IT and Computer Management in the Library - this module develops librarian abilities in using information technologies. Librarians learn to use information technologies for the benefit of their library, and further contribute to digital alphabetization of community members by delivering IT-related trainings.
  • New Library Services - this training enables librarians to improve the mapping of their community from a socio-demographic standpoint; identify new library users and potential difficulties in accessing library services along with ways to overcome the encountered difficulties; and develop new library services based on community member needs.

Additionally, in partnership with the Chisinau Municipal Library and the Association of Librarians in the Republic of Moldova, Novateca program delivers trainings at the National Center for Librarian Professional Excellence. The Center facilitates trainings on an on-going basis. For more information training activities, please call +373 22 22 29 92.


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