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What is a modern library? A modern library represents an institution which acts as a connector in the community – it assesses specific needs of community members, and provides both traditional and innovative services in accordance to community fluctuations. A modern library serves as a community hub by identifying and addressing community needs. Additionally, within a modern library community members benefit from access to valuable information resources, government initiatives, services and activities provided by local and international nongovernmental organizations, and business entities. Finally, a modern library represents a vibrant community center, where users can gain new skills and competencies, learn new practices, and proactively spend time with the support of a competent and skilled librarian.

The modern library focusses on 7 components:

1. Space and facilities

The library represents a community center where different community events, cultural and social activities are organized targeting different users: conferences, round tables, training sessions, debates, or clubs. With regards to that, several aspects related to library space and facilities should be taken into account, including library visibility, lighting, level of comfort, setting different activity zones for children, youth, adults, and senior users. It is recommended for the library space to be open and multifunctional, where users can displace easily and restriction-free, discuss and create content.

2. Collections

The library collections must be diverse and varied, and should focus on user needs for information, training, potential development, or solving current issues. Collections may include books, audio and video resources, musical instruments, or tools.

3. Information technologies (IT)

Information technologies consolidate library role as a community center. Provision of IT services within a safe environment is fundamental in library transformation.

4. Users

Library services users are diverse and pose different needs for information, training, and others. The library must become the soul of the community, where each user may benefit from valuable services, regardless age, gender, abilities, and socio-cultural background.

5. New library services

The modern library provides new library services in order to meet diverse user and community member needs for information, socializing, development, and recreation.

6. Partnerships

A modern library is created with joint efforts, including the support of partners. Library partners may include nongovernmental organizations, school, kindergarten, local employment agencies, church, or other community institutions.

7. Librarian

A modern librarian represents a proactive, skilled, multifunctional, and responsible individual. In order to address ongoing challenges as well as benefit from arising opportunities, a modern librarian must strive for continuous development and training.


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