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Mission and Values


Our Mission

The Novateca team shares a dream: to transform public libraries into modern institutions to hel Moldovan citizens attain a higher quality of life.

Our Values

We believe that we will be successful in modernizing public libraries in Moldova by sharing the same values:

Empowerment Innovation Sustainability
We support and invest in librarians committed to modernize public libraries by developing capacities as community leaders. We promote an innovative culture and attitude by encuraging exploration, and creativity in everything we do. We support the development of durable systems and services provinding value and long-lasting impact in our communities.
Teamwork Professionalism Client-oriented
We promote effective collaboration based on respect, responsibility, and sharing. We strive for excellence, quality and commitment in all our activities and services. We serve our clients and communities by providing high quality services and customized support.


202 Stefan cel Mare Avenue
Kentford floor 8
Chisinau, MD-2004
Tel. +373 22 22 29 92
22 33 85, 22 55 95
75 44 51, 22 88 37
Fax. +373 22 22 88 39
Email: [email protected]

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